Marijuana Growing Operation Charges – Mississauga & Brampton

A marijuana grow operation is any residence or business that has been modified in order to grow large amounts of marijuana. This marijuana is sold on the street by criminal organizations. Sophisticated and significant structural changes are made in order to supply light, water and ventilation to plants. These changes make the location uninhabitable for any future residents without major repairs.

To make a house suitable for cultivating marijuana, significant changes are made to the home’s structure. High intensity lighting is needed to grow the plants (which is costly), so many home grow operations by-pass the electricity illegally putting the neighbourhood at risk of fire and electrocution. Combined with construction to provide water and ventilation for the grow operation, the house becomes uninhabitable for future residents. Unless major repairs are made, the house is ruined and the property value of other homes in the area is lowered. A home grow operation steals electricity worth $1000 per month.

Home grow operations are found in all types of neighbourhoods. Sometimes, large homes are preferred because they provide a large grow capacity.

Wholesale dealers or growers of marijuana face serious penalties or charges when convicted of drug growing offenses, especially in New York State. Usually, when a grower is charged they are discovered either inadvertently, where a cop enters the premises for another purpose such as assault or domestic violence or where law enforcement used search warrants, wiretapping or surveillance.

Drug Growing Operations & Thermal Imaging

Many drug growing operations are discovered through thermal imaging from overhead. If a small shack has $11,000 in electrical bills per month, a law enforcement agency may send out a team to image the property. As an experienced former prosecutor of drug crimes and a defense attorney, I can advise you on how to best protect your rights and fight to defeat drug crimes charges related to growing operations.

Evidence Suppression in Marijuana Growing Operations Cases

My experience with search and seizure law allows me to bring challenges against evidence obtained by the police. Law enforcement officials must follow very specific rules and procedures in obtaining and complying with a search warrant. I will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case to challenge the sufficiency of the warrant and the validity of the police actions. Where evidence was illegally obtained, I will seek to exclude the evidence and fight to get your charges dismissed.

I am experienced in the legal defense of drug crimes and drug growing operations, involving:

  • Marijuana farms
  • Marijuana sales and distribution
  • Search warrants, wiretapping, and surveillance

Drug Grow Sentencing

Drug growing sentencing can be severe. The prosecution will seek to add as many charges as possible in your case. As an experienced drug crimes defense attorney, I will aggressively advocate for your rights, minimizing charges and penalties for the successful resolution of your case. A finding of guilt of this serious charge will most like lead to a significant amount of jail time.

Contact Us for a consultation. I offer strategic, intelligent and aggressive advocacy focused on your rights.

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