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Criminal Lawyer Mississauga

Top Rated Criminal Defence Lawyer on

Criminal Lawyer Mississauga

Top-Rated Criminal Defence Lawyer in Mississauga

The Smart Choice When You Need a Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga

As a Mississauga criminal defence lawyer dedicated to helping people solve their most pressing legal problems, Aswani Datt provides strong, aggressive criminal defence strategy when representing clients with criminal matters in Mississauga and surrounding area courts. If charged with a crime, you can face not only expensive fines, possible incarceration, and court costs, but you can also lose your job and professional license and access to your children and suffer damage to your reputation in the community.

Hiring a Mississauga criminal lawyer is essential when you have been charged with a crime. Obtaining experienced and aggressive legal representation is crucial. Aswani Datt will listen, advocate for you, and give you the legal representation you need in this difficult time. When you need a criminal lawyer in Mississauga, Aswani Datt is the call you want to make.

About Aswani Datt - Your Mississauga Criminal Lawyer

Experienced and Successful Mississauga Criminal Lawyer serving Toronto, Peel and the Greater Toronto Area.

Going to court is a life-changing experience for most people. Most do not know their legal rights and feel as if their life is in the hands of a heartless government bureaucracy.

Feeling powerless is just as bad as being powerless. This does not have to be the case. I believe that people deserve the highest level of legal representation, and I guarantee that I will fight to the end for your right to a fair trial.

Protect Your Rights with the Best Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga

As a well-established criminal lawyer in Mississauga, I am widely recognized for successfully defending clients against various criminal offences, notably including domestic and sexual assault. With my wealth of experience in criminal law, I can assure you that choosing to put your trust in my services is not a gamble; rather, it is the first step towards building a robust defence for your case.

I have dedicated my career to advocating for those who find themselves charged with a criminal offence and thrust into a justice system that can seem insurmountable. It’s a daunting experience that I strive to demystify for my clients. Through clear and reliable legal advice, I equip you with a deep understanding of your situation, which in turn helps you to make informed decisions throughout the process.

Despite the challenging and sensitive nature of sexual and domestic assault cases, I take pride in having successfully defended a number of these, managing to have the charges dismissed at trial. Notably, this prevents the conviction from becoming part of a criminal record – a detail that holds profound significance in preserving your personal reputation and future opportunities.

As a part of one of the most prominent law firms in Mississauga, I maintain a strong focus on client engagement. It is paramount to me that you feel involved and respected throughout every phase of the legal process. Understanding that legal fees can be burdensome, I invite you to schedule an initial consultation. This consultation serves as an opportunity for us to discuss the details of your case and ascertain the most appropriate path moving forward.

Don’t let the anxiety of being charged with a criminal offence deter you from fighting for your rights. Seek professional help from a defence lawyer in Mississauga with a wealth of experience dealing with similar cases. Reach out today to start building your defence with sound legal advice.

Client Reviews

Aswani K. Datt, Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga

    review rating 5  I had a great experience with Aswani. He seems exceptionally suited to the role and exudes confidence and expertise in all our dealings. I have had only one experience with him and his staff who got me out of a bind quite gracefully. I hope to never see them again but if needed would not hesitate to go back.

    thumb Miguel Ozamiz

    review rating 5  Aswani Represented me in a case that was very scary and emotional for me . He did an amazing job at keeping me calm and level headed throughout the process.
    We were successful with our outcome and I can’t thank him enough for the advice, support and knowledge he provided. He is very kind and can be aggressive when needed in the court room.
    I highly recommend Aswani to anyone who is in need of an outstanding lawyer who truly cares about each case/client he takes on .

    thumb Michelle Vieira

    review rating 5  I had two charges received last April 2019. One was impaired driving and I forget what the other charge was. I was referred to Aswani by a friend. He took my case, almost had the charges withdrawn when he met with the judge but the prosecutor wouldn't budge. It ended up going to trial and around April 2020, the Crown presented a deal where I wouldn't receive a criminal record nor any fines, just a 18 month driving suspension. My main goal was to not receive a criminal record as I was a recent grad and it would've jeopardized my future. Aswani saved me from years of struggle if I got a criminal record. I highly recommend him, he communicated with me consistently, kept me up to date and presented me a deal that aligned with what I was looking for. I highly recommend Aswani, very satisfied with the outcome. Appreciate your help and work bro, good luck!

    thumb Umar Altaf

    review rating 5  Highly recommended Aswani Datt. Very professional and helpful. Helped my friend son from a very complicated situation in which he changed his life to his best thank you and appreciate that.

    thumb Angham juma

Why Choose Aswani Datt When You Need A Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga

As a seasoned criminal lawyer based in Mississauga, Ontario, I have been on the frontline, fighting relentlessly to ensure justice prevails. Having accumulated years of substantial experience and in-depth knowledge of the law, my aim has consistently been to deliver optimum results, providing impeccable service that defends my clients’ rights in their time of need.

With my specialization as a criminal lawyer in Mississauga, I offer top-tier criminal defence services in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. It is a well-known fact that when dealing with criminal charges, it is not just about selecting any lawyer in Mississauga, but it’s more about entrusting your freedom to the hands of the best criminal advocate. I have a rich blend of theoretical know-how, strategic abilities, and relentless dedication – qualities that define my modus operandi.

What separates me from the pack of the Top 10 Criminal Lawyers in Toronto? The key lies in the high regard I hold for client communication. With the complicated legalese surrounding most legal battles, clients are often left feeling alienated from the process. However, as your Barrister and Solicitor in Mississauga, I keep the lines of communication open and clear, making sure you fully comprehend every step we take and the decisions we make in your defence.

The exceptional defence I provide is hinged on personalization. As your criminal lawyer in Mississauga, Ontario, I fully comprehend that no two criminal cases are identical, which is why my strategy in each case is meticulously tailored to fit its unique contours. This strategic, personalized approach has proven to be effective over the years and forms a significant part of the track record that makes me one of the top criminal lawyers in Ontario.

My reputation as an attorney continues to stand out throughout the Mississauga area and beyond. This is because the singular goal is always to pursue justice fiercely while ensuring my client’s rights and dignity are fiercely protected throughout the process. Every person deserves a formidable defence; as your Mississauga attorney, this is exactly what I provide.

Choosing a criminal lawyer can be daunting, but it does not have to be. When you require steadfast, devoted representation in your corner, your best bet lies in seeking out a Barrister and Solicitor in Mississauga with proven expertise and an unwavering commitment to seeking justice. This commitment to justice and top-quality legal defence is what I bring to the table.

When the need arises for a competent and compassionate criminal lawyer in Mississauga, I encourage you to get in touch. A dedicated advocate is ready and eager to step in and turn the tides in your favour. My doors are always open to discuss how I can provide you with the help you need in navigating through the tough terrains of criminal law. In every sense of the word, your search for a trusted, highly competent, and renowned criminal lawyer ends here.

Together, let’s protect your freedom and restore your peace of mind. Reach out today.

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Common Legal Situations

The Presumption of Innocence

The Presumption of Innocence states that no person shall be considered guilty until finally convicted by a court. The burden of proof is thus on the prosecution beyond a reasonable doubt. In the case of reasonable doubt, the accused must be found “not guilty”; this idea is expressed by the Latin legal maxim “In dubio pro reo“; when in doubt, in favour of the accused.

Police Tactics

The police have just called and want you to come to the police station. What are you to do? Never speak to the police or go to the station without first speaking to counsel. Most likely, they will attempt to get a statement from you and then arrest and charge you. Aswani K. Datt can attend the police station with you and get the real reasons behind why they are contacting you. The law allows the police to lie and use tricks against you. Do not be trapped. Be prepared.

The Right to Remain Silent

The Right to Remain Silent is protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The accused may not be compelled as a witness against himself in criminal proceedings, and therefore, only voluntary statements made to police are admissible as evidence. It is important never to answer any questions asked by the police without speaking to a lawyer. Remember, your right to remain silent does not mean you can lie to the police. Simply refuse to answer all questions.

If you have any doubts about the importance of not talking to the police,

watch this video:

Should I Just Plead Guilty?

No. Don’t even think about pleading guilty. Moral guilt does not mean you are legally guilty. The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the offence you are charged with. There are numerous defences that an experienced lawyer can use to present reasonable doubt to an impartial court. Never plead guilty unless you have spoken to an experienced criminal lawyer.

Bail Hearings

Getting the bail hearing right is crucial. You don’t want to remain in jail for months on end while waiting for your trial. Often, people are not released because there was a lack of preparation for the bail hearing. The prosecutor wants to deny bail to most defendants to pressure them to plead guilty. Do not be trapped. Be prepared.

Domestic and Sexual Assault

Care must be taken when defending charges of assault. There can be serious implications regarding your right to your children under the Family Law Act or the Divorce Act. Aswani Datt can provide you with a coherent strategy to protect your rights to your children while defending you against your criminal charges.

Aswani K. Datt – Proudly Serving All of Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area

Aswani K. Datt proudly serves the Toronto and Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Brampton, Orangeville, Georgetown, and Halton Hills, as well as Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Markham, and Newmarket.

We are your Mississauga criminal lawyer, offering services in:

  • Port Credit
  • Streetsville
  • Cooksville
  • Erin Mills
  • Meadowvale
  • Hurontario
  • Clarkson
  • Lorne Park
  • Mississauga City Centre
  • Applewood
  • Sheridan
  • Rathwood
  • East Credit
  • Mineola
  • Dixie
  • Malton
  • Lakeview

FAQs About Aswani Datt – Mississauga Criminal Lawyer

What types of cases does Aswani K. Datt handle?

Aswani K. Datt is a criminal defence lawyer in Mississauga. He can handle all kinds of criminal cases and provides legal representation for clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

What areas does Aswani K. Datt serve as a criminal lawyer?

Aswani K. Datt serves the Toronto and Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Brampton, Orangeville, Georgetown, and Halton Hills, as well as Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Markham, and Newmarket.

How does Aswani K. Datt approach the presumption of innocence?

The principle of In dubio pro reo is fundamental in Aswani Datt’s practice, stating that when in doubt, the judgment should be in favour of the accused. He believes that no person should be considered guilty until finally convicted by a court and that the burden of proof is on the prosecution.

What do people say about Aswani K. Datt’s legal service?

Reviews highlight Aswani Datt’s knowledgeability, professionalism, thoroughness, and clear communication skills. Clients commend his ability to explain case details effectively and appreciate his strong commitment to representing them.

What should I do if the police call me and ask me to come to the station?

According to Aswani K. Datt, it is crucial not to speak to the police or go to the station without legal advice. Legal representation is important to understand your rights and responsibilities in such situations.

Why is Aswani Datt highly recommended as a criminal lawyer in Mississauga?

Aswani Datt is highly recommended due to his extensive knowledge, professional approach, and excellent communication skills when explaining and discussing legal cases. His clients attest to his thoroughness, attention to detail, and high level of preparation when handling their legal matters.

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